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Goldie In The Big House™ ("Hold on to your Ramsbottoms."®) will be a collaborative project between Hailee Raymundo Productions and Tyler Raymundo (Jaime too). It will prominently feature Goldie Ramsbottom/booty as herself. Other cast members include Snickerdoodle/Sniggy/Snicky/Thaa-Na/Peggy /Spanish Kiss Sniggy/Shoulder Massage Snicky/Pick/Pantherbottom/booty, Sissy Pandabooty, Reecie "Lil' Bebe" Tigerbottom, Tyler, Hailee, Jaime, Mom and Ron. Other cast members will include Frankie, Spike, Nott Reel, Randy, Ryan, Rachel, Kaitlin, and more! Goldie heads out to a store, but gets more than she bargains for when she's put in jail for a crime she didn't commit! Will she make it out? Read and find out! Coming soon!

This comic follows the story of a teenage girl named Madotsuki (japanese for Window). In the "real" world the only things that Maddie can do are play a famicom game called "NASU" and go to sleep. However, when she goes to sleep, she is able to access many different dream worlds. In them- she meets many creatures, from a simple friend named Poniko that can turn into a monster, to what appears to be a pregnant monster. Based on the game by Japanese developer Kikiyama. Made to celebrate the game's 10th Anniversary!!:)

Now, this comic isn't any ordinary comic. This comic is special because it is... (wait for it) AN EXPERIMENT!! Do you know why? It's because this is my first ever VERTICAL COMIC!! In the past, I have made my comics with the paper turned sideways. But now we're turning it so it's vertical!! Very revolutionary! Who knows how it will go? Anyways, Test will be about two guys named Zeke and Marco. They decide to get a job at a fast-food restaurant called Burger Joint. Will they make money? Will they NOT lose their jobs? Read and find out!!
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