So yea, during my free time I like to work on comic books. I make them with pen, pencil, colored pencils, a ruler, and, of course, paper.  My main series I work on is called "Dry Bowser's Bad Day", which features the Nintendo¬© characters Dry Bowser and Black Mage and his misadventures. It's the first comic I ever made and the series has been going on since April 19, 2010! And it still continues to this day. But it will most likely end in 2019. We'll see what happens. I'll try to put all the comics of it on here, but it'll take a while. Here are some of them!

 One-off Comics

 The Lake Turkey, a Thanksgiving-themed comic I made waaay back in 2013. It features Manny, and, of course, the all-elusive Lake Turkey!

 And this is a comic about Mustahces Inc, the place where all the evil guys live! For more information about the characters featured in this comic, please go to Characters!
 Comic Series


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