This is a drawing I made in 7th grade in art class. Basically, we were given a sheet of paper with all these figures on it and we had to sketch stuff over it. The rest is history!!

And then this, oh boy, this. This is the drawing that basically started!! You see, my siblings and I have a game called Adventure Quest where we just make silly RPG-style games on paper. We play them out using our IMAGINATIONS. This is my world, appropriately named "Tyler's World". My stepdad scanned it and yea.

A trading card I made in my free time. This one is winter-themed, hence the date.
 This is the one-and-only character list for Mustaches Inc., the most evilest evil clan evar!! There are 40 members, 41 if you count Wilbur Raymundo, the secratary.

 PRO TIP: Open the image in a new tab for an even better view!!

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