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Here it is: More Lies, the big project I am currently working on. So, what is More Lies, exactly? Well, I'll tell you!! More Lies will be the long-awaited sequel/remake to a game I made in 9th grade simply called "LIES". In that game I demonstrated that I actually know how to make games using a program known as Construct 2. Plus I had to make something to show to my game design teacher, Mr. Cruz. Yeah, and if you want to play it then here's the URL: . It's cool, but believe me, it's short. And kinda bad. Play at your own risk!! Now, I am working on a sequel entitled, "MORE LIES". Amazing, isn't it? Yee. This game will be made instead using an engine RPG Maker 2003. The main reason I decided to go with this engine for this game is because I felt it would help emulate the game's style and gameplay to its full capacity. In fact, when I originally came up with the game I imagined it in a similar style to my favorite video game of all time, Yume Nikki. That game was made using that engine, so why not? Here's some pictures of some stuff I've done so far!! Trailer and Beta 3 download:

Oh and BTW all those other characters came with the engine so ignore them :)
     And if you want to listen to one of the songs: (It's by my good internet friend, Animehshun Man!! You can find him on YouTube: )

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